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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Naska Loris industrial lamp (1933)

I own two of these old industrial lamps - whose design by Jacobsen, dates back to 1933 - and they are both early '70s vintage from my school days... it's shape and function, in the best Norwegian tradition, same as Louis Poulsen's Artichoke hanging-lamp I bought decades ago and which still pleases us in our living-room.

Incredibly, the two Naskas' - as used in my studietto - lighting the reel to reel recorders areas, make things far more professional and cool, like the Loris' are able with their own strong personality and  timeless, minimalist linear look, to complement and complete the Telefunken's or Studers' machines.

Love these humble, utilitarian, yet elegant and no frills lamps.

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