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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Silbatone's Mazinga or...

... a Silbatone's SE power amp I could live with, as 850 mW can sound HUGE... I can only wonder how 4 - one for each way - of these beauties could sound with my Gotorama.

Great, GREAT building quality and solid circuitry search behind this gizmo using one of the most exotic and performing tube ever built.

I'll try hard to obtain an amps quartet (hype...)  for evaluation... Joeeeeee!!!! 

Go, Mazinga, go!

1 comment:

Krise said...

With a line level crossover it would make most sense to get the four amplifiers with specific output transformers wound for the frequency range to be amplified. Less turns for the higher frequencies as the inductance isn't needed and stay clear of the horrors of interwinding capacitance that screws up the hf behaviour.
Theoretical musings...