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Monday, November 14, 2016

Mumble, mumble, mumble...

I’ve recently been offered a mouth-watering amount of money for my complete audio system… the (potential) interested party is 20 years younger than me, much wealthier and lacking the time to spend hours and hours on the web or emailing with people around the world to get what he looks for… so it makes sense.

The proposal is really interesting, enough to make me wonder if I’ll be regretting on my eventual choice to sell or not to sell.

... and, no! I'm not needing money and my health is decently good... so what?

What’s a music system? An old question with multiple answers…

Is it only a bunch of gears (like in our wives average opinion)? … or is it a part of truest me – soul-related, maybe? - I’m willing to sell?

Will I be richer (money-sake) or poorer (music-sake)?

Should I underline to the potential buyer the room where the system resides is part of the system, itself?

Does it know that when saying "audio-system", that word - i.e. - "system" isn't a casualty, but a true complex interaction of several, connected stuffs and facts and solved and unsolved variants, so really a system?

Every audio lover knows what I’m talking about: every cable, cartridge, amp etc. etc. is the cherry-picked choice of infinite elucubrations, chatting with friends, reading, pondering and pros & cons considerations… so precious and priceless.

Would I be going to sell and downsizing my system or buying again something impressive and difficult to maintain?

… but, if so, would I also be going to quit my renewed reel to reel passion and editing I’m so fond these days?

That would be too much for my old heart!

Is it far more important the music, also if listened through a lesser system or…?

… so: talking about my beloved records collection, my vinyl discs: downsizing could/would also mean selling some unwanted or un-listened-to-in-eons music – i.e. 3+ meters shelf of opera I’m REALLY, sincerely pretty sure I’ll do not listen to again?

Maybe a wise choice;-)

Am I going to be tired of my studio or smelling The Grim Reaper’s scent or is it a very human wish, a need, maybe, of some wind of change in my musical life?

A Man lives for challenging... or not?

Not by chance, I'm deeply into new recording projects.

Living music vs. being - passively - an audiophile.

Mumble-mumble-mode, pals…


peter sikking said...

I would like to point out that your system works for you in your room.

the personal part may be solved (i.e. the buyer really likes it), but the room is not. who is going to integrate it with the buyer’s room? that may be a job one would not do for any amount of money.

twogoodears said...

Hi Peter... you're right and wrong: the system has been auditioned in its room and liked as it is... the "room" topic has been considered, but it will remain with me;-) so, subjectively, it's a shared, condivisibly perceived quality. The integration in buyer's room is tricky, yet feasible as the buyer strongly wishes to faithfully replicate my room... That's the plus of building something from scratch (and no costs-restrictions). Part of the deal should be some supporting on my part. Will see...