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Monday, May 30, 2016

Tim de Paravicini's The Head TX4 universal MC transformer (1979)

I owned this sought-after MC transformer for years... then, one day,  please don't ask me why, I sold it... and regret ever since!
Baron Tim de Paravicini

I remember I possibly sold as I was using at the time a Convergent Audio Technology CAT SL1 preamplifier with built in MC phono stage... it was back in early nineties or so...

I searched for another The Head sampler for years... I was missing its majestic outlook, imposing and classic, yet no frills both aesthetically and technically... and a sound to par, of course.

In the meantime,  prices sky-rocketed higher and higher...

I recently found a pristine, undented, unscratched, unmodded unit which a gent from Sweden was selling... no, NOT at the inflated today prices, but at the very same price I stupidly sold mine, some twenty years ago!

I got it and when I connected to he smaller, all tubes system, I immediately told myself how an idiot I've been selling my previous TX4!

Used with my EMT 930st, EMT/Ortofon RMA229 and Neumann DST, with 4 chassis Thomas Mayer's preamp, my Partridge/300B mono blocks and Cabasse Dinghy 221, the system literally began to fly in a very seldom heard and experienced way!

I - plain and simple - felt I had to ask Baron Tim de Paravicini more about his four kilos pup...

Here is the unedited FB's Messenger dialogue I had yesterday, hoping and trusting TdP will forgive me for sharing... for the sake of it...

Thanking Tim and, yes!,  Johan from Stockholm, as well.

Hello Tim… hope all be OK… I need some support from you… I'm going to write something on my Blog about your The Head MC transformer… could you please let me know something more about it? How many units made, which core and technology and maker behind the transformers inside the box and the like… also, if you have some original literature/brochure scan, by any chance… thanks for your time and… WOW… I had and used it years ago, sold it maybe 15 years ago and only recently bought another sampler… it's truly nice, NICE sounding… and I'm comparing with Triad K241 and WE 618B with my Neumann DST cartridge… thanks and all the VERY best. Greetings from Italy. Stefano

I will try to find old literature , how dare you say I did not design lock stock and barrel everything in the HEAD TX4? I do all my own transformers not like my competitors who go to mr transformer man please make me transformer! I designed the step up device in 1979 to be the best in the world period. More bandwidth more headroom better square wave etc. Still no one has matched it. If I had to market today I would have to price it at £3000. I made about 200 units. I will not disclose winding details or core type other than usual mumetal 78% Nickel. The highest inductance core material.
HA!... you're right, Tim... how could I only dare think you didn't make your (wonderful) own way... thankyouthankyouthankyou... I just ended an extremely pleasing listening session with TX4 in place... it's so dynamic and detailed and full bodied... thanks for yr. support... at yr. convenience.
am I correct remembering you used very same trannies in yr. G88?
No, the G88 had space and ultimately cost consideration. The G88 uses what essentially is the current MC4. A small notch down from the HEAD.
The listening tells everything, Tim...
Thanks, sincerely for yr. commitment to music...

So folks... here is from the living voice of The Master himself how good The Head was and still is... cost no object, I dare... putting to shame very, very prized, famous and sought-after transformers, vintage and brand new... I suspect "The Head" is just the nickname for "The Headroom"... truly impressive, like most of TdP's creations... unique like the Man, himself.
Thanks, Tim.

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