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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

New sonic myths - Alice Cooper - School's Out (Warner Bros. - 1972)

Yes, we DO NEED new amazing sonics discs, and enjoyable too, ones!!!

Not weird to me considering new a 1972 disc;-) as I'm going to highlight it sonically, now!

On last Sunday, just back from München, I attended to the local fleamarket and, at Nigel's desk, after founding last month a sought-after Hawkwind's double disc (Space Ritual on UK United Artist with large poster-like cover) in mint conditions, this month I found a pristine, superb copy on Warner Bros. UK of the classic 1972 album with desk gimmick cover and panties (!!!) of School's Out by Alice Cooper.

I never owned this disc, before... I sure remember in early '70s from records shop windows... ahhh, those schoolgirl's panties;-) and related wet-dreams...

Got the copy, paid some coffees... some undusting on my Audiodesk Systeme disk-cleaning machine and... WOW!

(A note -  above pixies aren't my actual copy, yet being THE very same as mine, I hi-jacked them on Ebay, where the seller is asking NOT some coffees, BUT for a top of the line coffee machine;-))) - i.e. £ 199,99...)

Wasn't prepared to such a sonic masterpiece, folks!!!

Garrardzilla and Lumiere and The Peak were rockin'!!!

Music is reminding me some Capt. Beefheart's Bat Chain Puller or Doc at Radar Station - i.e. complex rock, blissfully playing undistorted also when playing fuzz guitars.

... and the electric bass... Da Electric Bass... DA BASS, maaaan!

Cluncky, loooow, undistorted, dry and low, really LOW!

It sounds to my old ears like a Gibson EB2 hollow body, a' la Cream's Jack Bruce... sounds really amazing... not only few blissful moments in a shitty disc... all songs are top class, some are masterpieces and the above mentioned bass lines are intro and into songs on both sides, truly 2die4!!!

A no brainer demonstration disc and rocking, unboring music to par, masterfully recorded at The Record Plant in NYC.

My advice is go and find your copy... getting scarce and sought-after in top NM conditions... with panties is almost unobtanium, but sure worth the search!

Go, browse, find it and... rock... your system and you will love it!

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