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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Random MOC 2016

I swear, folks... I tried it: brought with me my Macbook, but... you know: every year adds an year;-)

When back at my hotel in the countryside, while in Munchen, the only energy left at the end of the three loooong days I attended the MOC 2016, the only energy left was to brush my teeth before wrecking on the bed.

So, here are some random pixies I got with my old mobile...

Text (and much more pixies) will follow, when strong enough to collect energies, memory and... yes! interest, again... i.e. - after audio over-dose effect.

The exhausting walking, listening, meeting and chatting is still making me not strong enough to afford the task.

The prescription?

I today fingerpicked my '69 Harmony Sovereign H-1260 acoustic guitar for half an hour and - you'd bet it? - everything clicked, again.



Peter Reinders said...

Too bad I missed you!
Hopefully next year

twogoodears said...

Same for me, Peter... take care and see you around;-)