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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Breaking news: brand new Robert Johnson photo, found in desk, forensically verified!

Hoax or great find?

A newly-analyzed photo found in a Florida desk drawer is believed by some to be an image of blues legend Robert Johnson.

The identification comes from award-winning forensic artist Lois Gibson, who famously positively identified a different Johnson photo in 2008, which is still widely contested in blues and forensic circles, but was accepted by the Johnson estate as authentic.

The new photograph turned up in an antique Winthrop desk in Pensacola, Florida. A retired professor bought the desk at auction in 2013, and quickly noticed the photo among a drawer full of junk.


Thanking (author) Matt Marshall and Wadada Leo Smith.

P.S. - reportedly, an hoax... a blues, one;-)

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