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Tuesday, January 19, 2016


I've been a fond and loyal user and follower of Scott Strachan's Syrinx company: his arms, the PU2, LE2, PU3 and PU3 Ipsissima were - years ago - a must and an alternative to ubiquitous SME... a sort-of underground almost cottage industry including Zeta arms, Alphason, Mission Mechanic, KMAL and... yes: Syrinx were all parts of this movement.

I still own a brand new boxed PU3 Ipsissima which - now or later - will be mounted on one of my B55 Lenco-on-steroids (new bearing and matching new, heavy - 5 kilos - non-magnetic platter)... but when eons ago I owned a belt-driven Basis Debut, my previous PU3 used with a Koetsu Rosewood Signature or an Accuphase AC2, with Stax F81, Convergent Audio Technology SL-1 and Futtermans H3AAAs... well: I was VERY satisfied and, maybe, wealthier than I'm now;-)

Scott Strachan sure knew his business, folks.

I remember he suffered of an heavy horse fall or something, if I'm correct... this and the resulting disease stopped his success worldwide...

PU4 project was abruptly aborted and never saw a true, wide commercial spreading... really too bad!

Decades ago, when I was into audiophilia nervosa, I got two of the three recorded and produced and marketed Syrinx' vinyl discs, 002 and two discs-set 003... Kreisler/Beethoven and Schubert's, both recorded using an Ambisonic Calrec's stereo microphone and Nagra T tape recorder... music and recording, well... were glorious and beautiful as they go!

A joy for the ears and soul, as well.

I searched for years for the elusive 001... without success!

Few days ago... ha!

Found a sealed copy in Germany... and got it!

Another circle is closed, like when I completed the whole Astree AS series, only few days ago... musically, Syrinx 001 is superb, and sound-wise is even better than 002 and 003... a full Mark Levinson ML5 (an heavily modified Studer A80) and matching microphones are used.

I'm in tears... of joy, of course.

Then came Audio Origami PU7 arms... but I'm not aware of the connection with Scott Strachan and his Syrinx heritage, so apparent with above mentioned exotic arms.

I can only trust and hope he's going better and still strong.

Hopefully so...

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