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Sunday, January 24, 2016

On Consignment Dept. - Ohm "F" omni-directional speakers for sale

... ho, hooo... a new dept... yes, on consignment: a friend asked for my support, so here I am.

He's selling a VERY nicely kept, undented and perfectly working... ahem: singing Ohm "F" speakers.

These speakers are Made in USA and very, VERY rare in Europe.

Very elegant and - as a plus - having a quite high WAF ratio - i.e. our beloved wives won't blame such a speaker in any living room.

Their omni-directional pattern will make listening to them very comfortable from a very broad sound window... the sweet-spot is HUGE, yet the size of speakers and the correctness of scene are top quality.

Asking price is - IMO - very honest for such a sought-after pair.

If interested, please PM at stefanocello-AT-gmail-DOT-com and I'll give you full details.

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