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Sunday, January 17, 2016

A new audio system birth

Made some room in my tiny studio for a new system: ear speakers and small monitor-speakers for intimate, late night listening and razor-sharp monitoring and editing.

The speakers... secret-secret, or so... more to come (see here below).

The turntable will be the classy Lenco Goldring G 88 in white slate plinth, with matching white slate/bronze arm-base and 12" Ortofon RMG 309 or old vintage, first batch Thomas Schick arm and Decca III and Decca SC4E cartridges.

Preamp will be my old, trusty Marantz 7C.

Tuner? Marantz 10B, of course.

The amp? Marantz 2s

Cassette-deck? Nakamichi 600

Open reel... Revox/De Paravicini's G 36

Earspeakers: Stax SRX and amp adapter.

It's all gears taken from my shelves... using stuffs instead of leaving them in storage, that's something I strongly wish...

Collecting audio is so boring if gears remain silent...

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