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Friday, January 9, 2015

Vinyl Renaissance or End of The Game?

With percentage going higher and higher, vinyl resurrection is a matter of fact, now risking a debacle due to the handful of record-pressing plants still steaming worldwide.

The Guardian dedicated a nice article to a visit at Optimal pressing facility in Germany and more...

In fact, many intriguing topics are also considered, included the Record Sundays' vinyl concerts and mr. Mancuso 's The Loft in NYC, back in the '70s, where people was also attending at audio concerts through the best ancillaries audio, like a Mitch Cotter modded SP 10 and Fidelity Research FR 66-S arm and Koetsu cart and Klipschorns' fed by Mark Levinson's Class A amps and preamp.

A much worth reading and the proof that humankind and life are highly fractal!

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