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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Disk of the Month - Sousedi - Purpura Echo (featuring Dorota Barova) / 2013

Got today a packet from Praha, Czech Republic… inside four disks and a limited edition vinyl.

I began listening randomly to the music candies which the always so kind Josef Jindrák sent to me… but more later…

I got attracted by this nice artwork cover and classy carton jewel box… then I remembered that one track - i.e. "Ranni Mlha" - on a Poli5 sampler attracted me for its freshness, interweaving guitars and cello, remotely reminding to Bat Chain Puller by Captain Beefheart, but also - at a distance - to "Reflection" by Pentangle or some early John Abercrombie's or Terje Rypdal's ECMs… all with a definite flavor of Magyar folk melodies.

Music to be cocooned with… sweet and looping, but never boring… always surprising for its sonic and musical architecture and beauty.

A nice, nice disk, indeed… the recording - like many of other Poli5 label production - is SUPERB… I mean S U P E R B, not kidding.



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You can listen here:

Unknown said...

You can listen here :)

Unknown said...

You can listen here :)