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Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Jasmine Dragon MC porcelain cartridge

I've NOT many infos on this seldom seen cartridge, folks… but it strongly reminds to me the book "Il Violino di Faenza" by Champlfleury (1877), a personal fave of mine about collecting, and related joys and sadness.

Shell:Blue and white porcelain
Stylus: :0.3x0.7mil, Gyger FG2, Natural diamond,
Cantilever:Solid Boron
Height :17.5mm
Weight :16 g
Internal Impedance
(DC resistance) :
4 ohm (DC)
Output Level :0.26mv, 1KHz@ 33 1/2
Freq. response :10-55KHz +/-1dB
Channel separation :> 30dB@1KHz
Channel balance :< 0.5dB
Recommended loading :>= 30 ohm, 4 ohm (MC step-up transformer)
Optimal Tracking Force :1.2g ~ 2.5g ( 1.85g recommended )
Optimal Tracking Angle:20 degree
Break-in Period :50 hours
Compliance:15 um/mN
Components:The cantilever with stylus come from Swiss, The rest all are made in China.

Further investigating on this porcelain beauty… a Made in China handicraft… with a claimed Swiss heart.

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