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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday Disc - Nils Landgren - Eternal Beauty - ACT (2014)

I'm an avid buyer of ACT's discs... this German label is passionate and tasty with music, recordings and record covers... I love it.

This very disc, standards sung by Nils' beautiful crooner voice, sometimes reminding Nick Drake or Piers Faccini, is accompanied by a classic jazz combo, piano, double-bass and drums... as plus Nils Landgren also plays classy trombone...

Recorded in Hansa Studio in Berlin with its plethora of Telefunken's classic studio gears and microphones and Eq and mike preamps... tubes everywhere and the sound is smooth and silky as it can be!

Please buy it, it's NOT adventurous music, only honest, beautiful, lounging quiet music... only, please, begin from side 2 instead of 1;-)))

Gorge Harrison's "Isn't it a pity" is just a masterpiece!

A recording 2die4... the flawless vinyl is coming with a complimentary download Mp3 card.

Thanks to ACT.

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