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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Headshell of Distinction - ViV Labo Nelson Hold headshell from Japan

Looking for an alternative on those crappy, fake, badly performing chinese copies of Orsonic's?

THIS IS YOUR CHOICE - an anti-resonance headshell of seldom seen shape and high quality, hand-made in Japan... yes, NOT cheap, but, what the hell, life isn't cheap per-se and too short to listen to crappy gears;-)

In the same vignoble of Bosoeum Acoustics "Big Nose" headshell, where the arm length is virtually longer and the added mass tame cartridges vibes, with a superb, elegant & cool plus, as the arm-lift is front, not side-mounted... and part of the headshell itself.

A truly brilliant mind designed it... simply superb!

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