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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

3-D vinyl printing

Yes, folks... I wouldn't risk also the cheapest of my cartridges on one of these... imagine that the maximum resolution ratio digital 3-D printers were used and the frequency resolution had to be lowered to an embarrassing 9khz (vs. 44.1khz of the standard CDs... let's do not even quote the fractal complexness and resolution of analog...) to obtain a resin print of an Mp3 file!

The above scanning of "record" grooves... mmmhhh... they looks quite approximate vs. the analog cutting, so smooth and rounded and different in modulation...

The sonic quality?

An Edison-era recording sound quality, at best...

Early attempts... the technology is still young and improvements are likely possible, soon.

Find it really amusing that - like the recent post about ELP's laser vinyl turntable, the old, good vinyl with all its shortcomings still is so mysteriously (or not...) doing fine.

... mmmhhh... a looong and windy road ahead.

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