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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Robbie Basho's Archives... more Cedar Rapids' gig - Live at the Natural Deli Restaurant - July 21st, 1978

Robbie at his very, VERY best... confident, smooth chatting and kidding with audience (listen to Robbie's love for cowboys hats joke:-))) and AWESOME playing,  more than ever... it's REALLY intriguing hearing for the very first time from Robbie himself the story about "the" mighty Mexican-made "before Mexicans made instruments only for tourists" 12 strings guitar "bought from a sailor for two hundred bucks"... previously only read on an old Frets' magazine interview, eons ago...

Robbie Basho plays 4 songs at the Deli Natural Restaurant in Cedar Rapids, Iowa---including the never before released piece "Omar Khayyam Country"!!!

This "mini concert" of 4 songs was performed on July 21,1978, the night before he played at Sinclair Auditorium in Cedar Rapids, a gem also available to Basho's scholars.

Thanking people at Yahoo Basho Group, Kyle Fosburgh (love your site, Kyle!!!) and Steffan Junghans-Basho (same, indeed, Steffan...)


Enjoy, pals.

... ah, forgettin': I found some music sheet in TAB form handwritten by Robbie's himself, taken from my old guitar mentor Maurizio Angeletti's long-deleted and out-of-print book... he played with, met and hosted Robbie in early '80s when he briefly visited Italy.

Will scan and share, VERY soon... stay tuned. 

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