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Thursday, October 25, 2012

My friends' friends are my friends Dept. - Beth Orton's "Sugaring Season" on ANTI

Beth was dueting on last Bert Jansch's "Black Swan"... she, sort-of got Bert's blessing and esteem and... well, I loved since then her smooth, yet lightly sand-papered, beautiful voice.

On her last disc, she's not giving us a perfect disc, actually... only, like only a limited number of (best) artists can do, with two or three songs she gives a dignity to the whole recording....

"Candle", "Mistery" but most of all "Poison Tree" are all acoustic guitars, double bass, and haunting melodies and airy, ethereal, yet gravely voice... and  last song is also blessed by a William Blake's poem.

Beth is someway on an early Joni Mitchell's path, only hinting... and on "Poison Tree", you imagine at next bar Bert himself coming for a duet, while you imagine Danny Thompson on double bass... a Pentangle revamping...

The disc is also old-timey in its length... only barely 38 minutes, like some Bert Jansch's and other '70s discs... BUT with the above songs, it's WELL worth buying and enjoying!

You won't regret.

P.S. - recording is also fine and mastering is Greg Calbi's... vinyl comes as a plus with complimentary full disk for driving enjoyment, too.


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