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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bass' bass? Double-bass at its VERY best!

Would like to say I do not "use" some disc or disk as an audio/sonic test... unfortunately and unshamedly, nope:-)... I'd be a liar...

It happens, quite seldomly...

Nonetheless I don't feel so guilty, as - it happened several times - through "sonics" I very often arrive to "music" and vice-versa, getting near to something which I'd not even knew: classic, ethnic, avantgarde... whatever.

Anyway - also if I already wrote about this very disk, I guess it worthwhile returning on topic - on Tord Gustavsen Ensemble's "Restored, Returned" on ECM 2107 (2009), on track 2 "Way In", at about 2,30 m from start... is... WOW!!!

You'll find the gem, the nugget, the shiniest "Bass' Bass" recording you ever wished...

It's a solo... but "what" a solo!

Matt Eilertsen's double-bass is... simply AMAZING!

This handful of notes represents - it's my STRONG opinion - the Zenith of double-bass reproduced sound, ever... hype?


How I'd wish same precious, masterful engineering was also made available on Scott LaFaro, Steve Swallow and - most of all - Hugh Banton's playing and recordings!

Matt's double-bass is an awesome mix of the best of the VERY best;-) - i.e. an heavenly blending of  fingering whooshes and related noises on fretless board, of wood soundboard, body cavity and resonances... a LOT OF resonances and deep, deeeeep low end... maybe - I guess - his "E" low-string is tuned down to a "C",  like Glen Moore (of Oregon) does!

Also a seldom heard decay, some clothes rubbing on correctly sized instrument body and presence, breathing with nose and mouth, ALL placed in a so lively and "right" recording space....

Simply superb!

I invite everyone into double-bass to join in and enjoy this very disk...

A masterpiece.

... almost forgetting: the whole disk is also worth a listen, of course;-)))

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