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Friday, October 5, 2012

Long John Silver

... extracts from "Audio Consulting of Switzerland" literature:
Silver wire

Some may believe that silver , when used in wires and cables, has a cumulative effect on sound.

This is true for most cables on the market as they often use Teflon as an insolation material, while some combine this with non-insulated multi-strands.

This definitely leads to negative impact onto sound.

We listened to many isolating materials as well as diameters and came to the conclusion, that silver wire and cables are capable of the highest resolution possible if one uses the right isolation material and diameters.

Of course the purity of the silver metal also plays a crucial role.

The cryo treatment we impose to our silver wires and cables allows for even more resolution and natural sound.

There always is one optimum for a given problem.
It costs tremendous amounts of time to find it, but this is the only way to make real progress.

Some twenty years ago people became aware that cables have their own sound.

The audiophile community was measuring cable's ohmic resistance, inductance and capacity. Propagation group constants and dielectric absorption were the magic words.

Cables became thicker and thicker because of many wise calculations, and people simply forgot to listen to cables.
Well, that is exactly what we did: listen to cables and wires.

There is no bad cumulative effect on the sound with our wire as has been reported with other silver wires. This cumulative effect, we think, is due to multi-stranded and/or Teflon insulation.

We use natural unbleached cotton for the insulation in our RCA and speaker cables and achieve unique natural, smooth and dynamic sound.

We use RCA connectors that use as small quantities of metal as possible.

These cables are entirely hand assembled and no 1Km rolls are being produced.
This also helps music a lot...

  • Eichmann Silver Bullet Plugs, cryo treated with wooden-only external (see here below)
    • Solid core silver wire, 99.99 % Ag, cryo treated and white cotton external

    The two above silver wires are giving shivers and bumps and smoothness and music... who says silver sounds cold or edgy?!?

    ... as Long John Silver would say... aehm, sing;-): "... 15 men, 15 men on a dead man's chest..."

    The chest of who doesn't hear with his own ears and/or says cables doesn't matter!

    Thanking dr. Serge Schmidlin and his Audio Consulting for the above text, BUT, MOST OF ALL, for his stellar quality cables;-)

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