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Monday, December 6, 2010

Record of the Weekend: Kino - Hans Reichel & EROC

First issued in 1986, and reissued in 1997 as "The Return of Onkel Boskopp", is an Hans Reichel's collaboration with EROC aka Joachim Heinz Ehrig, the drummer and sound-shaper from visionary krautrock group GROBSCHNITT.

They spent about four years in the making of that record, working - layer on layer on layer - adding guitars and effects to reach the most interesting and "normal" - if compared with other Reichel's solo discs - yet utterly enjoyable albums ever.

On original (vinyl) LP - if you can get it - there is also something VERY special about the sound and recording.

KINO is amazing: it combines krautrock and experimental jazz into an unusual, yet very accessible album. The mood of the albums is at times spooky, playful, quiet and exciting, and often within the same song.

When asked about "Kino", Eroc replied about this album and about Hans:

“KINO is absolutely unique, not to be comparable with my own solo works. I worked with my friend Hans Reichel four (!) consecutive years for it, spending hundreds of hours in the studio. Each single tone was composed, written and played with natural instruments and devices step by step and track by track, reaching from normal guitars and keybords up to tuned tobacco-cans and dish brushes.”

It's a soundtrack where you put images and your movie of choice...

The sound is, plainly said... just incredible! as it is the playing from both musicians: reminding - in feeling - some (electric) Laurent Pettigand's soundtrack for Wim Wenders' "Wings of Desire" and a Lol Coxhill's brass-band project for melodies ("Welfare State" on Caroline).

It's smooth and violent, turbo-charged and relaxing music of superb quality.

You'll remain jaw-dropped when listening to "Kino" for the first time... the first of many;-)

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