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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Blues and cinema

The Soul of a Man is a 2003 movie I only read about and never saw.

Yesterday evening, back home quite late after a pizza with friends, I turned on TV and I was captured by some black'n'white footages and the immortal voice and music of Skip James, one of my most beloved bluesmen ever.

... oh, oh?!?!

What's going on?

I shortly after realized it was Wim Wender's movie, the one he used a manual analog camera to re-create the feeling of "Race Records" era...

Great, late J.B. Lenoir, another giant, was also fondly considered, plus the beautiful contemporary renditions of Lou Reed, T.Bone Burnette, Los Lobos, Nick Cave and Bad Seeds, Bonnie Raitt and others, including - WOW! - interviewing of Dick Waterman, an original member of "The Blues Mafia" - i.e. Nick Perls, John Fahey, Stefan Grossman, Dick Waterman, Sam Charters, Phil Spiro, Steve Calt, Pete Whelan, Dick Spottswood, Don Kent, Jim McKunne et al. - a group of blues scholars and musicians and discs collectors which re-discovered the Greats of the Past - John Hurt, Skip James, Charley Patton, Son House and others.

In freezed-like mode on the sofa, I turned off TV at 2,30 A.M. so enriched and full of music, enough to sleep like a baby in few seconds and waking up after four hours, effortlessly.

Blues... powerful stuff!

Seriously: the movie is really a classy one... MUCH worth trying it.

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