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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"The" mid-week record - Secret Rhythms - Jaki Liebezeit & Burnt Friedman

Ah! Great, classy, super-cool listening in Gotorama, yesterday evening...

Behind every record and music there is a story and a meeting or a person: this very disk was a (superb) by-product of my recent trip to Koln, meeting Klaus and Reinhard...

What a disk, folks...

Mr. Liebezeit (= Time Lover or Love/Time, as freely translated) was the original drummer of seminal Krautrock group "Can", with Holger Czuckay and Damo Suzuki...

This alone would justify the purchase of this VERY disk... BUT this exotic & hypnotic music, using vibes, various percussions, (subterrean) bass 2Die4 and keyboards/computers generated sounds is a sonic masterpiece, a soundscape for both laziness and/or any activity.

It's not music to whistle in the shower, no... BUT it's extremely intriguing and surprising music which nicely blends with the room and the listener mood(s); it makes no sense to quote this or that title-track... it's the classic full-shot disk... you hate or you love it.

If you insist, on track 3 and 4 - Royal Roost and Shades Of Soddin Orion, respectively - this very disk truly gives the best... the timbres are so nicely captured which your system, as it already did on my German friends sytems, will smile.

Find it in its new incarnation - i.e. or the super-duper double vinyl at 45 R.P.M. or - like I did - the CD-R garage-y looking, cool packaging - write as I did title and musicians (completely lacking) on CD spine to recognize it among others when stored on a shelf and... enjoy!

It's music for body and soul;-)

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