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Saturday, March 21, 2009

WJAAS - Western Japanese Audio Appreciation Society - the cartridges survey - Part 1: Oosawa-san's masterpiece.

Chuui: Yoku junbi-seru beki! Hontooni subarashii to omoimasu!!!

... so: Oosawa-san cartridge is still firmly yet delicately grooving my discs in my analog rig.
This cartridge is a true surprise to me... what "she" does is so natural, yet so difficult to obtain... 1,4 grams, 15°C room temperature, as Seo-san hinted... a WE 618B MC transformer and vinyl records, that's it... too simple to be true?!?!
I'm hearing a completely new HUGE quantity of inner details: notes decay here and there, breath noises, harmonic texture I wasn't aware of... I'm right now listening to CODONA 2, where Don Cherry's cornet with its incredible power and dynamics are awesomely, but flawlessly, with a sense of pace and lightness, given.
Now, few moments ago, I changed to "Sargasso Sea", an old ECM I own and listen since '70s... Ralph Towner's classic guitar, 12 strings and piano and John Abercrombie's electric guitar are so full of inner details, now... John's old, I guess tube, guitar amp is close miked in the studio, in full analogue glory and bloom, and the hum of the amp is so true to life to be unbelivable, if compared also to the very best I used since few hours ago, where this feature was only and barely hinted!
More than the air among notes and instruments. what more amazes and almost thrills me is the almost infinite colours I now hear and, most important, appreciate, in EVERY single sound coming from my music system!
It's like someone who temporarily loose his sight and who, after some blind months re-discovers simple things... ALL is felt like a miracle: a flower, the sky, the sun so different during the day...
That's how I feel through what I hear... like I returned home after a loooong trip... reminds me of James Stewart's acting in that old Frank Capra's movie from 1946 "It's a wonderful Life"... after he had his life back from death, he enjoys ALL and EVERYTHING, even the mud on his shoes... so am I!



P.S. - the schematics of the Oosawa's MC pre-pre are intended for DIY, non-commercial use, ONLY.

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