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Monday, March 9, 2009

A different approach

Few hours ago me and my friends Giorgio and Angelo tasted and enjoyed a truly seldom seen and heard audio installation... not as usually at a private person home music system, BUT at a-one-of-a-kind audio salon in Chieti, Italy.
The owner, mr. Mino di Prinzio, sure is a businessman since a long, long time, but his true, sincere passion and great ability in choosing his collaborators - young, knowledged and well-informed audio lovers in this business by chance (so jealous;-))) - passion and wealth from a successfull professional life: this unique blend gives to him the power to display a triode powered, horn speakers system of special breed: ALE compression drivers, Sato horns, 211 and 2A3 Sun Audio amps, CEC disk-player and classic Ortofon arm and cartdige and Verdier turntable.
The (almost) cost-no-object system is reached at the end of a long day of audio bliss, so full, rich of nuances, yet improving at every upper-class step going on... lesser people would have been offended by price-tags of these audio gears and speakers, but it's sooo wrong: like not enjoying an orchestra during a concert, but grunting about crazy prices reached by Guarnieri del Gesù or Stradivarious' instruments;-)... the avid experimenter and audio & music lover is amazed, in awe, when the music flows so easy, sincere, sparkling and true to life.
My trusty IVIE IE-30 real-time analyzer showed peaks of Sound Pressure Level at 103-105 db at about 6 meters from speakers during orchestral fortissimos, still keeping with a medium listening level, a full bloom of details and beauty between 78 and 95db with no loss of focus and any heaviness or rawness (floor ambient noise was a little high at 53-55 dbs); also, to someone surprise, the dimensions of, say, a solo acoustic guitar or a choir weren't larger-than-life, BUT incredibly "right"!
A double bass or the orchestra are large, but a jazz combo returns to a lesser, more correct size; the timbre, air among instruments is very first class, and the depth of image is nicely hinted. ... as a plus, the sound is utterly unfatiguing: an hour listening became ten minutes, as apparently perceived...
So what, like Miles would ask;-)?!?
Audio, like Mino also said, is "The best passion in the world"... I agree, with a caveat only... like every passion, it's best sharing it with friends, where you can comment, share impressions, enjoy music, sing-a-long, laugh... sincerely!
Power games, politics, jealousy and angryness aren't for men... let's leave these to "quaraquaqua" (jokers).
... like you cannot honour and be honoured in relating with a Lady like "xxxxxx" - (fill in with your choice... mine is Uma Thurman;-)) - while in your nervous, flawed, unexperienced teens... it's not a matter of aging (yes, ears aren't reaching 15Khz anymore... but who cares), money, or... BUT of experience and selfconsciousness: having listened to a lot of live music, having tasted several audio gears, knowing to what listen to for reaching higher, unbiased pleasure from music, that's it.
Thanks mr. Di Prinzio for your hosting and compliments for the results.
Pleasure is all and we enjoyed a lot "chez vous".

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Giorgio Enrico said...

Dear Stefano,
last weekend has been a very nice friendly break, with high grade music and high efficiency!!! :-)

The Mino's realisations are very, very interesting and really good sounding.

I've realized that it's impossible in speaking correctly of high efficiency without a visit to Mino's location.

See you in Berlin....... :-)