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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Power of Music

Last Sunday I was walking along Bacchiglione river, in my town countryside with my dog, enjoying a pale, springtime hinting sun and the tender green and trees and the zest air of the early morning far from traffic pollution... me, my feet and legs, my dog and my humble iPod Shuffle in my ears, with a personal soundtrack by Sigur Ros... I was simply walking, almost not thinking at all, when, like in a Satori, E.S.P.-like mood - my humble, simple, countryside Illumination: I began looking at those plastic bags, red, white, blue, yellow - left from winter floods on trees along the river - like they were not bags, garbage, anymore... the slow motion music by Icelandish group made my eyes to transpose those multicolored moving stuff in the light wind, 10 kilometers from home, like they were little prayer flags in a Tibetan landscape, moving for pilgrims who left to swirl endlessly and pray to Gods in the chilly winds at 5000+ meters...
When I suddenly became conscious about these thoughts, I sort of felt goosebumps, like more than thoughts, I was transported back & forth to Tibet in few moments... my dog hitted me in a narrow passage of the path and... was like I woke up.
Sigur Ros, the soundtrack like experience, the prayer flags... like other times, I swear: no dopes involved;-)
... but what's in Music is, at least, mysterious.

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