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Monday, March 23, 2009

A great site from Germany - Field-coils drivers, fine workmanship and buongusto, while Grateful Dead plays...

Every week or so the WEB delivers one of its surprises... today, while lazily googling, I discovered this site
Christine and Wolf Von Langa deal in nice mods, restorations and rebuilding from scratch of classic Altec's drivers, adding the sought-after "field-coils" feature instead using permanent magnets... a snobbish, yet highly considered practice in most exclusive audio circles worldwide to reach better frequencies control and overall better performance... and the on-axis screen frequency reports of both 594 and 284 drivers are TRULY amazingly good.
A rare find to share with pals everywhere, while Grateful Dead's "History of Grateful Dead Vol. 1 (Bear's Choice) - Side 2 "Smokestack Lightnin" is spinning in Gotorama and Oosawa glorious analog sound: YES, definitely YES, I'm not an audiophile, BUT a music lover 'til my very last day.... AUHHUUUUUUUU!!!

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