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Friday, October 9, 2009

Tskiji Fish Market or the Art of Eating Sushi at 6 P.M.

Here no words needed... pixes are self-explanatory, folks!

Taking the very first Metro to Tskiji Tokyo's fish market is a sort of christening: a little crowd in the dawn dim-light, I possibly counted 30 to 50 people of, say, 10 different nationalities, reaching the "Temple of Sushi & Sashimi Church"...

Rumours say that the new metropolitan fish market is almost ready and the whole, old huge actual facility will be moved soon, with no more chance to enter for truculent lovers of tuna-fishes auction and ripping...

Seems impossible that nobody is hurted by the speedy mopeds which interwoven at few inches from tourists feet and legs a 15 m.p.h.... a miracle... also, sandals (my own), walks on a blood and water primordial juice, in a very basic experience.

A 300 kilos tuna-fish, market value about USD 100.000, is cutted in BIG parts... huge swords are used, two or three men with different differently shaped BIG knives works like a team... amazing!

The noise is very high, like the smell of diesel and gasoline... then, at some point, mind reaches a self-conservative flat line... and it's time to have the nicest, freshest, tastiest, sushi with wasabi and rice and seaweed of your whole life!

Sushi at 6 P.M.... after a beer with a "kampai" with other survivors to the market;-), you're ready for more Metro and, after returning to the hotel for one more hour sleep, soon ready for more Japan and Tokyo and crowd and things...

When waking up for the second time - at, say, 9 P.M. - it seems all the "world" you lived only few hours before... well, was a dream.

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