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Sunday, June 6, 2021

Garrard 301 “Piattone” (larger platter)


A Garrard 301, Schedule 1, serial number 12XX, with heavy-duty bearing, 320 mm diameter 4200 grams platter and Shindo leaded-fabric 800 grams

When you like or wish or need something which is not available or simply unobtanium, brand new or second hand, your only chance is to have it bespoke-made (lathed and painted) by skilled and talented artisans. 

The above is valid for audio, car and motorbike restoration… but even cooking: you love a recipe, a dish you tasted at a restaurant 10,000 km from home and you may try to enjoy it again at home. You DO “only” need a couple of important features: passion and motivation. 😊 

Mastering the above can be tricky. 😇

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