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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Almost Nothing: CERN, experimental city (2018)

Yesterday I attended to this nice documentary projection with my wife... I've always been attracted by CERN in Geneva, Switzerland... the particle accelerometer, the boson of God, the scientific mysteries of Universe, energy, philosophical implications of "understanding" Nature, finding origin of life... maybe looking for God or whatever.

This documentary, as my wife wittingly observed, gives a strong sense of a claustrophobic secluded place with literally zillion kilometers of cables, pipes, galleries and tunnels...

Researchers of 160 different nationalities closely collaborate as a team, every sub-team deeply digging this or that scientific aspect, working like specialized ants around an huge puzzle whose whole imagine is unbelievably hard to comprehend: to study and understand the BIG VOID... the complications of stars and galaxies and universe(s).

Beside the boring, dull, yet necessary bulky presence of a huge industrial plant-like structure, what the movie communicated to me is the sense of naked, innocent fragility of the scientists and researchers when they candidly affirm the "do not know" this, that and beyond... only the fool knows everything!

This fragility of humankind when, instead of dealing with down to earth banalities and mobile-phones culture... they have to deal with Zero Kelvin Realm - i.e. just go 20 km straight above your head and... you're lost in space... darkness... ice with no ice... cosmic debrises... eons of... almost nothing!

This concept of a Universe made of "almost nothing" of an unexplainable void of unconceivable depths and entity reminds me... to Music.

Another mystery which scientists like Albert Einstein defined as: "there isn't any scientific proof of existence of music".

It's ionized, excited electrons "air"... is universally known and appreciated... it's vibration of cells and electrons... it's...

... BUT: does philosophers and musicians really cares about Nature's laws that makes our souls healing and tears pouring and lovers loving... memories blossoming, feeling long time gone perfumes and remembrances from the past?

Isn't a deeper knowledge search an obsession, a cage?

Shouldn't man enjoy life peacefully?

What's life? Zen-like peace of mind or fiery burning of desire for the unknown and discoveries?

Is it thirstiness of knowledge or power?

The feeling of several thousands people working at CERN makes me think that, YES, World Wide Web was conceived there and many, many other discoveries do and will do for medicine, for example, with 3D micro-surgery and the like... but everything looks - at least the sense I got from the movie - more experimental life than experimental city!

No math will be able to describe a sunset pink, always moving, always different... or a voice in a reverberant space.

Science isn't winning vs. ineffable!

Sort-of: they have everything at CERN - i.e. movie theaters, post office, gyms... but everything is so... unnaturally man-made... where is Nature scientists plan to study for the sake and love of it? Are these people still living or immolating themselves for humankind and its future?

Who's behind such an extra-long term research spanning decades of trials and errors... it's Man wishing to learn more to colonize outer space, new planets?

I invite everyone having 74 minutes free-hand to enjoy this movie...

I did.


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