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Tuesday, February 20, 2018


DAB... plus... or minus? 

I gladly share the following text I got from Bent, a FB pal from Norway, about the fearful next-to-die FM radio:

"A question to you. You are above average interested in music and sound quality. What are your views on radio?

In Norway we almost don't have radio anymore. Our national broadcasters, both non commercial and commercial have closed FM transmission. Only Dab and Dab+ are available for Radio listening. I do not consider Dab as radio. It's just bad data transmission. Internet radio is of course an alternative, but that is so far, not for everyone. Only local radio stations are permitted to transmitt on FM.

I don't know how far Dab has come in Italy, but official sources tell us that Dab is close to breakthrough all over Europe. Unofficial sources not connected to the Dab-mafia, on the other hand, tell us a completely different story. As far as I have read, there is only test transmissions on Dab in Italy?

Denmark, Germany, England (Great Britain?) and Switzerland are well covered with Dab reaching all over the countries. Only Switzerland have decided to close down FM transmission. But not until 2024 I think. Denmark might do the same. Germany and England will not do the same, and only about 5% of German radio-listening is through Dab services. The rest is internet radio and of course the big majority listen to FM.

After FM transmission have closed down in Norway, several studies have shown us that more than 60% of the Norwegian population is negative to DAB and want FM back.
There are a few major reasons for this:
Every household has several FM sets. They all need to be replaced.
Radio coverage is much worse with Dab than FM.

Sound quality with Dab is terrible.
Only a few years before 5G is here, the Norwegian population will have to pay billions of euros to get a totally unnecessary Dab network.

I could go on all night...

So, how is your opinion? What do you think is the opinion of the average Italian radio listener? What do they know about Dab? What do you know about Dab?

The worldDab Forum is very active spreading fake news about how successful the Dab introduction has been in Norway. The truth is that it is nothing but a scandal!

This is what the European population needs to know! The truth straight from the Norwegian listeners, not by the Dab mafia.
The fact is now sadly, that Radio in Norway is controlled by NRK (the Norwegian equivalent to BBC), Swedish media giant MTG and German media gigant Bauer Media. MTG and Bauer Media have commercial rights for all commercial radio until the year 2032. Those three companies share 30-stations. Quantity is much more important than quality, so for example the classical station from NRK sadly transmit with only 80 kbps sound quality.

Be aware. Italy can be next on their list! 

Dab, the worst investment in history!

So, if you can help us spread the truth about Dab to all of your contacts all over the world. Ask them to spread the word? You would help radio listeners all over the world. Dab is just about commercial rights and money, and nothing about serving the public listeners.

The Norwegian population is furious!

Still the Dab "mafia" travels the world telling "the Norwegian success story of Dab". It could not be further from the truth!"

Food for thought, indeed... in Italy we still do have some FM, BUT the digital, WEB radio is coming strong, much strong in the low-quality/high profits men-in-suits' agenda... you'd bet it? as a BIG improvement in program offering.

Fu@#k off so-called progress!

DAB is, for now... hopefully for now, reportedly, only as test-airing...

Thanks to Bent for his insight... and let's beware, folks...

"They" are not after quality, but profit, period.

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