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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Big game...

Today, at one of my flea-markets of choice, I found some sought-after nuggets...

This is the real thing - i.e. a Decca Ace of Diamonds GOS 558-559 two-records set... ALSO AN ENIGMA OF THE RECORD INDUSTRY, THIS WAS RECORDED IN BOTH MONO AND STEREO BY DECCA IN FEBRUARY 1957 AND RELEASED IN MONO IN THAT YEAR ON LXT 5336 - 7, BUT THE STEREO VERSION DID NOT APPEAR UNTIL 1968,  eleven years after the recording... Benjamin Britten's Prince of the Pagodas... yes, the sought-after T.A.S. list prized one... a marvellous disc and pressing (Side 1: ZAL 3537   Lacquer: 1G   Mother - Stamper: 1 - C             Side 2: ZAL 3538   Lacquer: 1G   Mother - Stamper: 1 - B             Side 3: ZAL 3539   Lacquer: 1G   Mother - Stamper: 1 - U             Side 4: ZAL 3540   Lacquer: 1G   Mother - Stamper: 1 - B).


I "only" own the above London FFRR pressing with a less fancy cover art than the newly found Ace of Diamonds'... that's a one-of-a-kind disc... a true Super Disc, both musically and sonically... so, now I own two, but... how could I leave such a gem in a carton box, to keep dust and humidity... now it's in good hands... my own;-)

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