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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Blu-Spec disk mastering

While the audio industry is claiming (maybe wishing, too....) the death of compact-disc, I only recently appreciated the disk-mastering as a viable lower-fi storage and sharing media - for musicians I record - of the original, untamed, bulky 24Bit/192Khz recordings-files.

My pal and recording/editor partner Lo began a few days ago to master and burn the disks on a Blu-ray Burner (Pioneer BDR-XD05B) gizmo and...

The sound we get from the above, is something... and the final result is nothing short of  p u r e  magic:   so respectful of decay, harmonics, tone and details... simply not comparable with the average commercial, hyper-compressed and over-produced, spikes-free disks!

Why only a few commercial companies switched to such a cool way of handling music?


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