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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Saturday's Disc - Elliot Moss - Highspeeds (2014)

I feel - like many others around - Saturday to be the most musical day of the week - audio and music gatherings are usually taken on Saturday afternoons, buying records at the local shop is usually a Saturday morning activity... sure for me it is so...

This morning I visited the only record shop left in town... yes... was lazily looking for something... browsed and found... nothing... yet, some music going as background was OK... hey, what's going on, now?

Elliot Moss' debut disc reminds me some Chemical Bros. or some Piers Faccini with a beat... bought the 180 grams transparent vinyl with complimentary (or so...) disk and I listened to the CD in loop-mode while cooking and having lunch... nice lounging, energizing music... well spaced slow and up-tempo tracks...

A nice find... got the vinyl disc later in the afternoon and... hey, it's even better.




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