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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Norman Blake - Wood, Wire & Words (2015)

Norman Blake is an original and a very fave of mine.

I own many of his classic records and, shame on me, I bought something his own many years ago...  BUT, I today got his last disk - a superb, great, humble, little masterpiece, both musically and sound-wise - and didn't resist on sharing the cover, where Norman is shown with his superb vintage Martin 00-45... also if - to my regret - he used in the recording a recent Martin's.

Here is Jordan Tice's nice essay about him... for the few among us who don't know him.

"Norman Blake is a legend, plain and simple. He's been a fixture in the bluegrass and folk worlds for almost five decades, penned some of its most cherished songs, and is widely considered a founding father and deity-type figure of the flatpicking guitar style. But, to his legion of admirers, he is more than simply the sum of his career accomplishments. His merits defy quantification."
I agree...

Buy this disk, folks... you won't regret!

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