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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Klaus Speth meets Gotorama

My pal Klaus, the Best Goto System on Earth's owner from Germany,  paid a long awaited visit to yours truly, last Saturday.

Shinichi Tanaka, Klaus Speth and Jean Hiraga

Klaus began playing with Goto, back then Royal Sound, in 1978... while I was still looking at Led-blinking gears and bookshelf speakers, he was already fiddling and dealing with Japanese commercial closeness and related hassles to get, first in whole Europe, those handmade driver.

These Goto's are still with him...

He built in recent years a 100 sqm auditorium to accomodate his impressive 5 ways Goto system!

When Klaus seated on my Eames Lounge chair, his first exclamation was: "Kleine!" - i.e. definitely yes! My studio is so tiny vs. Klaus' hangar-like room...

Yet, the precision and microdetailing of Gotorama, its being multiamped and the use of Thomas Mayer's preamps and crossover and analog playback, master-tapes and vinyl discs, made the German Goto Master to swing and enjoy my system and our listening session...

Me, Moni and Klaus

We agreed that every Goto's system we're aware of is different, according the owner/landlord tastes, yet keeping that sense of zesteness, unique lushiousness and overall trueness... a very Goto feature.

Thanks to Walter, Christine, Moni and Klaus for visiting.

Has been a true pleasure spending some time together... I was missing you since last time we gathered at your place, Klaus.

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