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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Hot, hot, hot…

… yet in my studio, natural old building air conditioning is greatly mitigating the outside 35 degrees Celsius…

Wishing to share a for free lesson I had only a couple days ago: my Gotorama uses 2 x Hiraga's Le Classe A 30W amps and 2 x Class A 20W… the golden 1,5 Farads 30Ws' on mid-lows and mids and the black 600,000 mF 20Ws' on lows and highs…

Also if I own another 30W power amp, I sort of privileged the aesthetics to sound integralism, as the two pairs of side-by-side matching amps looked prettier to my eyes…

The oldest 20W - the first one I bought 20+ years ago and still in my possession -  recently began buzzing, so in need of my pal and Hiragas' wizard Francesco's gifted hands and care.

It was the 20W I used with Elodis TGE bass-horn… I took from a shelf the 30W back-up golden-faced amp and swapped the ill 20W for its 30W big bro amp.

So, summing now three 30W Le Classe A on lows, mid-lows and mids and only a 20W on Goto SG160s' tweeters…

Most important - now - was having music and not a bottom-less system… more than aesthetic, I had music.

… and what music!

I realized almost immediately that the overall balance was more right and sound quicker… in a word: better, much better... and I only changed the power amp devoted to frequencies between 30 and 220 hz…

How is this possible?

Naturalness of the whole four-ways behemoth clicked playing with very same texture, like the - must now say - lesser 20W Hiraga's was slowing down bass response and overall presentation, and NOT only in its frequencies range BUT of the whole speaker system.

Oh my God… never ending being surprised in this passion… yes, I'm deeply ignorant, but my honesty is immaculate and senses pristine, so… well, happy of the find, indeed!

Only regret: I could have tried this before, as many years ago, when playing with my (now gone) Pioneer D23 crossover and badly mixing triodes, pentodes and solid state amps, different sensitivities and sound characters… yes: the whole no, no, no plethora of wrong experiences, all by trial and error old school!

Nonetheless, I already was aware of low-end paramount weight on great overall sound... I only, sort-of, forgot it.

I still well remember the surprise and HUGE improvement I heard when I throwed away the old Quad 405 I used with my previous bass enclosures, using Altec 416A or Altec 813 15 inchers… when I brought home the first of many Hiraga Class A amps… namely the above mentioned one guilty of making me to experience the above described swap and all.

Bass frequencies are... ahem: were less important than, say, mids or mid-lows, so a silly me was thinking when deciding to use 20W on lows and highs and the way-better 30W on more sensitive mids... so I was (wrongly) thinking.

Back to memory lane: the (someway) slow bass was gone… the blanket-in-front-of-speakers sensation was gone… to same extent, what I recently experienced.


The wheel of knowledge is spinning, endlessly, folks… the prize of trial&error is the beauty I'm sipping right now…

… and who cares if I'm such a slow-minded assohole, an audio S.O.B. who must crash - literally - his nose into things… yet, randomly, as best things happens... as life is.

So I like things going and so I live.

P.S. - I'm now chasing for the fourth Hiraga Le Classè A 30W golden-faced, and one pair (i.e. two) Hiraga Class A 20W will be for sale, soon.

Anyone interested on both deals?

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