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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Giorgio Foschi and his reel-to-reel recorders Man's Cave

Yesterday evening I brought my Studer B62 - needing some attention - to Giorgio Foschi, the italian Gran Mogol and maven of everything open-reel tape recorder.

I know Giorgio since a long time and every, EVERY tape machine passing under his careful, skilled  hands has a sort-of added value - i.e. the machines he overhauls are given a brand-new status, up to factory specs, and everything shines, again.

Everytime I enter his workshop and studio, I feel me blessed, as have the rare opportunity to touch and appreciate the details of a long-gone era of care and dedication.

Looking to a Stellavox TD9 or that super exotic, sought-after Philips EL3501 (used in Polygram and Decca Mastering facilities, where only THE VERY BEST counted)  makes me almost uninvolved at looking to the several Studer A820s!

The machines in the studio, including tons of Telefunken 15s' and smaller Studers' are nothing compared to the pleasure of chatting with Giorgio... himself is a Living Treasure, he worked knee-to-knee with George Quellet and m. Kudelski and Gurtner, his training was at Studer in Switzerland and his holy hands are at the service of corporates and private people with the passion.

Music-wise - as let's do not forget, these amazing machines are after music - he's going ahead with his mastertapes 1:1 projects...  Hemiolia and 4AP (aka Analog Four Phases) are the new home for accurately engineered and dubbed mastertapes!

I listened to Daniele Mencarelli's Originals tape and... folks, my jaws dropped at the superb, SUPERB recording quality and beauty of music.

You cannot own a Ferrari without good quality gasoline... owning a Studer C37 or a Telefunken M15A or a NagraT without such a tapes is... senseless!

Stay tuned with yours truly as on next September a new crop of freshly produced mastertapes will be available...

Thanking Giorgio for hosting, empathy, skills and... for being Giorgio Foschi.


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