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Thursday, July 30, 2015

A new Robbie Basho recording re-appeared...

Thanking Kyle Fosburgh and Grass Tops recording...

"Single from our compilation entitled 'Portrait Of Basho As A Young Dragoon', which documents some of Robbie's most exploratory early career live material.

Date and title written on tape : 5-13-67 (Santa Cruz, CA) "Ives Paints Modern America"
PLEASE NOTE : This recording was sourced from Robbie Basho's personal collection. Assembled throughout his career, our archive of live performances were documented by amateurs and were never intended for commercial release. The most sophisticated technology has been carefully applied to reveal the music and minimize the inherent shortcomings of tape almost 50 years old. Our mission is to let you enjoy and appreciate some of Robbie's greatest early performances.
It'll be released on the compilation mentioned above as part of a CD/coffee table book set, featuring a collection of early photographs of Robbie from 1967. This track alone, however, is far too long for a 7 inch single. Otherwise we'd consider that too. Max length for a 7 inch is about 6 mins.
Composed by Robbie Basho
Mastered by Joe Churchich
Sound Engineering by Radiance Recordings and Kyle Fosburgh
Cover design by Kyle Fosburgh

You made my day, Kyle.

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