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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Garrardzilla - the custom-made bronze platter, unveiled...

... found some iPhone's hidden (ugly) pixes of the VERY first batch of 12 kilos B14 bronze replica platters for our beloved 301: one is my own, the other for a dear friend of mine, another lunatic, as you imagine...

They're two platters, still on machinist workbench... shiny and raw, at same time;-)

They're so cool and nice looking I almost feel guilty I covered - i.e. pro-painted - such a beauty, as I made a butter white and a grey hammertone sampler, only leaving underside, inner-rim mirror polished and ,000 inches smooth and natural finish for ultra-precise idler-wheel running and spinning.

BTW: only half-an-hour after taking these pixes with my mobile - nervous and sweated as a teenager at his first date - I was tasting for the first time the new, unpainted platter... with the original, blue leaded-cloth 800 grams Shindo's mat.




Every parameter of the several 301's strengths and pluses was GREATLY improved: impressively dynamic and smooth, surprising at every spinning... the added, improved mass and fly-wheel effect sure helps, supports and improves the spinning stability, both mechanically and aurally... the notes decay is of SELDOM heard beauty and quality... looooooong and extremely various, with a world of ever changing harmonics.

As I leave platter running for hours and hours, never stopping its running but if I have to change speed for some - rare - 45 rpm discs, when I finished my listening session I finally gave off to the Garrardzilla;-) and, you won't believe... my hand light touch almost wasn't able to stop the spinning platter... an enormous apparent weight was felt by my fingers...

I could (maybe) find more words, blah, blah... to describe what's going on... yet, 'nuff said: I spent five solid hours in a row, listening to everything I wished... when I turned off my system... well, it was 1,30 A.M.... and, on my way back home, I watched at the stars;-)

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