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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Garrard 301's Ray new statement - the brass solid chassis

Well above your craziest (analog) dream... it's 8 (eight) times the weight of original 301's chassis!

According to an old italian popular saying: "Ottone, oro del Giappone", which means "brass: gold from Japan"... i.e. (without being offensive...) fake gold, BUT I'm pretty sure the sound coming for this super-on-steroids brass 301's is pure gold - despite the above saying;-))) - to the ears of the discerning audio lover.

Clever, Ray... look at the gorgeous shiny surface: let's call it the "Moghul" model;-)

1 comment:

FranzUSSR said...

In Russia, this style is called a gypsy or Turkmens!! it's fun