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Friday, July 22, 2011

Summertime disk - Tord Gustavsen Ensemble on ECM, of course...

Yesterday evening I had a pleasant, couple of hours long listening at my studio and, three weeks after the last turning ON of my system, what more impressed me while listening to some music was that... awesome sense of natural decay in notes, EVERY note was, sort-of, magnified - not exagerated - but superbly owning its own life, - i.e. beginning, full blossoming and death, with an incredibly long decay...

... yes, "guilty" of this revelation wasn't only Gotorama, BUT Tord Gustavsen Ensemble's "Restored, Returned" disk: I bought it several months ago and only listened to it quite lazily, lightly...

Few weeks ago I re-re-listened to it and discovered "how" it really sounds... a true surprise!

In "Way in" - second disk track, ECM's studio mavens recorded the VERY BEST double bass I listened to in eons... also grand-piano and drums are top sounding, BUT Mats Eilertsen's bass is sooooo masterfully recorded I'm mouth-watering for the next time I'll enjoy it, again.

Strings, fingering noises, studio and wood are all here, like musician's breathing and body rubbing the bass.

As I wrote, I only enjoyed my I-Pod & dock and had good time enough... but I wasn't prepared to what I heard... decay... DECAY... D-E-C-A-Y!

A variousness of decays... something not so subtle... most of all, something almost completely lacking in other system I'm aware of... and no talking about my temporary summer/portable music system, now:-)

What a lesser system almost completely lacks is respect, love - I'd dare - for "DECAY"... piano, pedals on and off and drums and bass... it's so easy to the ears... so natural, so... perfect.

I suggest everyone fond of both beautiful music and sound to give a try to this disk.

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