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Sunday, July 24, 2011

R.I.P for Amy Winehouse

Another victim of rock, folks... people live and die, but a fragile human being who reached also a momentary peak with a song or two (Back to Black, Rehab), moves me and makes me to think.

My wife read the new on the newspaper and said "Omen nomen"... you know... Wine-house... too easy... the life of an artist is only apparently a golden one: stress, pressures and depression caused are so common... so drugs, booze, wild, bad sex and abuses of every kind.

She died yesterday, July 23rd, in London, for "unknown causes"... she was 27, like Jimi, Janis, Brian, Jim and Kurt!

R.I.P. to young, unhappy, unperfect, great little Amy...

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