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Friday, July 29, 2011

"Buy it, period" Dept. - Meredith Monk - "Songs of Ascension"

Last Meredith Monk's effort on... a German-based label;-) is an absolute masterpiece... and I could stop writing!

Risking to be boring to many as to myself, must say there is "something" (in ECM) so right and tailored to my tastes, which I really find difficult to do not talk about it... someone says ECM is selling same music since early '70s... wall-paper music, others say... to me, it's my very own most beloved music, my personal life-soundtrack.

I ordered (and received in three days after ordering!) some disks at ECM's Mail order service... among the goodies I received (Stephan Micus, Koonitz/Motian/Haden/Mehldau, Sofia Gubaidulina, Gurdjieff's, etc.) there was Monks' "Songs of Ascension".

I own ALL Meredith's discs and disks so I'm not new to her music and vision... after the seminal "Book of Days" I was sure the peak was reached... but how wrong I was!

I created a musing post title - i.e. Buy it, period! - as I could write and hype and suggest and hint and swear its a masterpiece and... and... still the music itself trascends all and every description, also more careful and/or poetic.

The music, as written in the liner notes is simple and incredibly complex... M. Monk almost do not use musical notation to communicate with her ensemble... it's pure verbal teaching and ideas swapping and sharing and brainstorming and music seems to come from a 13.000 B.C. pre-Atlantis (...) era and the soundscapes are to par.

Have a listen to ECM's sound-trailer and then, if the case, loose yourself in this immense beauty: it's NOT "difficult" music... I'm usually whistling Monk's music while taking a shower;-)

... so, pals: Buy it, period!

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