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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Jean Hiraga: still enjoying audio and music...

While making order in the mess of pixes I have uncatalogued after "going Mac", I found - yesterday evening - a couple of shots my friend Shinichi took of Hiraga-san, during a live vs. reproduced recording, somewhere in Japan... and while inspecting a one-of-a-kind Goto's system, with "Morning Glory" horns.

Monsierur Hiraga's expression says MUCH more than one hundred words... he's childish, sincerely pleased while enjoying music and being in his ancestors Country, Japan, as well.

... unsurprisingly, he's in audio business since late '60s... decades of untiring listening, writing, measuring, travelling, enjoying meeting people and still WELL alive and kickin'...

A genuine, original Sensei-san.

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