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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Dawg! Tone Poems ad libitum...

Since a couple of days ago, I'm fondly digging my David Grisman's superb opus magna - i.e. those "Tone Poems" recordings in their so various variations...

Tony Rice, first and, then, virtually every best guitar and mandolin and resophonic from the six continents!

All Acoustic's are among the very best music and recordings available... I could write and suggest and hint... BUT I prefere to link to David's site and leave to everyone unleashed curiosity and braveness the pleasure to discover... say, Jerry Garcia and David Grisman in " Shady Grove" where every Deadhead will find his deepest, truest roots... Jerry's voice owns "that"... compassion!

Every time I listen to this disk I'm in tears...

"Pizza Tapes", every "Tone Poems" and ALL Garcia & Grisman's are MUCH worth deepest and most sincere interest.

Dig it!

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