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Thursday, May 26, 2011

1st Flag Counter's birthday

... aehm... on May 28th. 2010 I linked "Flag Counter" app to my Blog... several friends and Web-pals followed me, as I followed someone else before... usually not my cup-of-tea - i.e. writing a (sort-of) diary in a Blog written form isn't a match and there aren't winners or losers... anyway, I know I was looking, in the last days, that Blogspot's "Views" counter was reaching "something"... the above, mixed with the Countries counter proceeding... well... I'm someway embarassed AND glad at same time, folks.

I mean: up-to last night 200.000+ "eyes" from 157 (different) Countries read my posts during last twelve months... hey: it's ONLY 32 Countries less than Scientology's counter;-))))

Seriously: thanks to everyone for the loyal fellowship and interest and ALWAYS a pleasure for me sharing, humbly so, my findings and "vision", commenting this or that... with the minimum of hidden violence and the maximum of smiling-ratio;-)

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