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Sunday, March 21, 2010

WJAAS (related) - Kengiro Azuma-san, 無 (Mu) and 物の哀れ (Mono no Aware)

Kengiro Azuma-san was, when 19 years old, a kamikaze... few hours prior his first, and possibly, last (death) mission, Emperor Hirohito signed end of war with Americans and... he became an artist.

Re-born - like, he finished his studies in a kneed, battered Japan, and following his father (from a family of bell foundry artisans for generations) steps, he fell in love with Rodin and Marini's art and sculpture and bronze working and came to Italy in his thirties (early '60s) to make a living as an artist.

His art was hinting to Nature and caos and chance... the poetry which came from his bronze "rain drops" is... awesome, as his fruit wooden-crates plaster-prints are nothing short of awesome, as well.

His Zen sense of chance is something which - after breaking a sculpture - maked him to appreciate the wounds and bruises the hard fall left to his handicraft: no angryness, but admiration for the fate hand.

... but what makes me wonder and think about Azuma-san's corpus and opus is his Mu approach, considering the Emptyness as richness, the shape of objects and their true soul... the old Alan Watts' kind-of "Zen trick" which so much impressed whole Western materialist world and culture, back in the '68... i.e. - the (truest) glass is in its emptyness, not in the glass itself.


... audio-wise... horns and their shape is music and ears friendly as they allow to (someway) tame, organize "air", which becomes music.

Like a cattle-fence makes one thousand cows an herd... the Zen of Things and Stuffs;-) gives an order, a sense to caos and chance, trasforming a "big trumpet" into Beauty of Creation.

... and - by Zen chance;-) - such an ugly, home unfriendly behemoth, (a horn)... transforms the someway neutral, still environment in something else, ever changing in Time and Space... and gives Music.

My love for those "organic", man-made and shaped musical object - yes, horns - and their related perception in space is, like for art, something difficult to be fully explained... but, like only basic stuffs of our lives do... it is.

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