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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Triamp (TM) by Thomas Mayer

Still fiddling around with down-to-earth facts (mostly money-related...), but, nonetheless, this could be the look of the mighty little Triamp: 3 x 45 power-triodes, 3 x 27 triodes-drivers, (now hidden) Graetz-rectifiers bridge, ALL per side (i.e. x 2), using small, old manufactured Tango irons throughout and built-in 1st order/6 db/oct. with fixed slopes/frequencies cut-offs - i.e. 1000 and 5000 hz... the low-pass filter at 200 hz, which could be a steeper slope filter - 2nd or 3rd order, always passive, to avoid "paper-cone slowering syndrome" to upper ways - could use exotic Duelund's caps (or - why not - "battery-biased" & doubled PIO caps) and Slagle's wire-resistors...........

On Westrex' 2080 15-inches woofer, Hiraga Le Classe A 20W solid-state amp: guts at low-end and (triodes) velvet gloves on mid-low, mid and high, using 3 x David Slagle's TVC with 0,5 db steps & resolution to fine tune signal on the three Goto's upper ways...

Must seriously save... or write Santa Claus in advance... in the meantime: slurp!

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