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Thursday, February 25, 2010

An alternative to L-pads in passive crossovers... Dave Slagle's Intact Audio SLA

Speaker Level Autoformers

These tapped units make a perfect replacement for resistive L-pads and can be tapped in a number of various ways to provide the precision in level matching needed for any specific situation. Cores available are nickel, amorphous and 2mil steel C-cores. Full design support and spice simulation available.

Price: From $300 a pair.

A cheaper and (maybe) better custom-tailored approach to different needs vs. the Fostex R100T transformer-attenuator, only available as an 8 ohm designs.

Dave's site and Forum

I'm a proud and satisfied Dave's TVC user (in my Thomas Mayer's preamp), but all Intact's catalogues is well worth considering.

The Slagle's motto "We listen" sure is well-spent, here...

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